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Created during the constraints of the COVID lockdown, The Hope soap dish is a thoughtful, handmade ceramic piece to treasure in the home. The soft, tactile Parian dish has been delicately hand crafted and decorated with an emotive pattern designed to reflect hope and togetherness.

Hand crafted

The soap dish is cast by Elle using Parian, a beautifully soft and tactile porcelain clay with a marble-like, translucent finish. Sanded and polished instead of glazed, the piece then has been finished with Joanna’s painted pattern to reflect hope and togetherness


The collaboration has a focus on on ensuring it is as environmentally conscious as possible, with the promotion of using bar soap instead of bottled, no plastic packaging and a greetings card printed on 100% recycled materials

Perfect gift

Packaged protectively to get to its recipient safely, a greetings card also comes with the dish to create a perfect gift. A reminder of times of hope and strength, it would make a tactile, unique piece for the home, or gift to share a feeling of togetherness


Created in response to times of change and uncertainty, the dish has been created out of a practical and thoughtful

collaborative project, to invite thoughtfulness through design and donation

Thank you for your interest in our collaboration, it means a lot to both of us as this has been a true passion project over the last 9 months


We're donating 10% of profits from each Dish sold 

10% of profits from each dish sold will go to Beauty Banks, a community who believe that being clean is a basic human right, not a luxury and not a privilege. Beauty Banks want to make hygiene poverty history while supporting those who can't afford to be clean with personal care and hygiene essentials.

We hope the donation we make through your support helps this very important movement

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