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'Draw your feelings' - Layering

Welcome to another Draw your Feelings, a quick and easy prompt to do with your kids or by yourself, for headspace and starting open and relaxed conversations about feelings.

With this prompt, the focus is thinking about how feelings come and go, how some big feels seem to come without warning, some you can feel them building up over a long time, some are completely overwhelming.

This is a good one to do with poster paints, as they’re easy to layer and see the layers/colours mixing, but feel free to have a go with anything you have, wax crayons, pencils, and as always it’s all about the process rather than the final thing.

• Start with thinking of a feeling, if you’re doing it with your kid(s) I find prompting them helps by asking what they feel when they’re playing a game, so for a simple example, happy. Paint that layer of feeling, with pattern, or colour, or let them express how they see fit. If you’re doing it solo, don’t think too much about it, just get down marks as if you’re letting that feeling out onto the page.

• Next, talk about how feelings can sometimes quickly change when something happens out of our control. An example for your child could be, if someone came to take your toy off you, how would you feel? Talk about how big feelings can feel like they’re taking over our bodies quickly in a rush.

• Now get them to explore this visually. Paint over the first layer in any way they want to express that second feeling, for example, angry. Add as much paint as you like on top of the first feeling to completely cover it. If you want to go into more depth with older children, explain its good to talk and express these big feelings and find ways and tools that help them through it. Some good places to find ideas for those to work on together are@mindful_kin👌 by Sally, who has created mindful activity cards for kids.

• Add as many layers of marks/ colours as you like! Enjoy making the brush strokes as way you get your feelings ‘out’ rather than what they look like at the end. If you’re doing it solo, go for it like kids do when they just want to use as much paint as possible 👀 express yourself 👌 As always, its all about the process.

Hope you enjoy this one, see Instagram stories for my own go at it using the kids paints up 🎨

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