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Meet the Maker Highlights

This month has #MarchMeetTheMaker, an Instagram initiative founded by designer maker Joanne Hawker, for creatives to share more about their making processes so people are able to 'meet' more of the person behind the brand. It's been really great to share more about my processes, favourites, and story behind Mother Feels.

Here are some of my favourites from the prompts, that I've enjoyed writing about the most:

1. How I wrap pack an order. I love the details and making orders feel extra special. Here's a video with a little insight into packing a card pack order, from wrapping to posting, featuring a little helper!

2. My favourite colours. I enjoyed sharing a snapshot into all of my favourite colours! Orange is my absolute favourite, but style I'm drawn to neutrals and blues, and in interiors and painting, mustards, blues, dusky pinks and greens.

3. My design style. A mixture of hand painting and digital drawing, combining making a complete mess with editing after! Much like the photography of the products too, with kids toys cropped out- eek! Each design is inspired by a feeling, so there's always a reason behind all the details and marks from each print and pattern. I'm all for the little things! In life and in design.

Looking out for them, spotting patterns, new things, the same things, the details. That’s how my #everdaypatterns videos started (see instagram highlights for more on that one!) as well as encouraging people to look for the little things, and to connect and reach out by sending others reminders to take time and check in

Take a look on my Instagram @mother_feels for more of the posts I've created this month for the initiative, there have been prompts such as the 'starting point' of the making process (which is not as creative as it may seem for me!) a 'hands on' video of the insides of the Magic notepad, Painting as a 'process' rather than to make 'art', and more. Would love to know if you have a favourite!

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