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Mother Who?

Updated: May 24, 2020

Hello! I'm Joanna, founder of Mother Feels.

After having two babes 14 months apart and a strong desire to have a creative output, in 2016 I decided to turn to pattern as a form of stress release and self reflection to keep me sane. (It was that or chocolate...) 

With a background in Trend Forecasting, Brand Strategy and Consumer Research, I've always loved finding and creating images and copy to represent a mood, idea, and feeling, so making patterns and prints to express emotions seemed like the perfect fit to unwind.

First starting out as a tool, I then turned the most resonating patterns into prints and paper goods to become Mother Feels in 2017, after lovely people showed an interested in buying them as artworks to send to friends.

Since then, a third child has been added to the mix and my creative brain is buzzing with more ideas than ever. So now it's all about cramming all the kids activities in the day (or are they more for me?!) and all the pattern designing in the evenings, for both Mother Feels and freelance work, and organising my time wisely!

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