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Quick pattern painting 'how to'

Updated: May 24, 2020

There is a lot of Pinterest pressure during these surreal times of #stayhome to do allllll the crafts and alllllll the homeschooling activities and making them allllll look as Instagram worthy as possible. It's so lovely when you do manage to do one and the kids love it, but not so much when they snub your ideas in favour of demanding snacks for the next 7 hours.

The amount of stuff out there right now is a bit mind-blowing, even for a serial crafts hoarder like me. There is a lot of pressure on as it is, without the need to feel like you're not doing enough with the kids whilst trying to work / do all the jobs / stay well / keep the peace.

For example, if you’re doing a drawing activity with the kids over the next few days, or setting them up to do some painting, how about a little pattern painting yourself for a bit of time out for the mind. Even if the kids are asking for help, try and squeeze a minute in, doesn’t have to be long or anything fancy, all about the process 💪

Quick pattern painting how-to

1 • Get any paper, or even scrap, something from the recycling, cardboard etc

2 • Use your kids paints and pens to think about how your feeling - and what colours you feel drawn to to express that feeling. Eg for me, calmer feelings are always light colours, positives are more yellowy, but you have complete creative freedom, put no pressure on yourself

3 • Pick 2-3 colours you are most drawn to, pens or paints or whatever your kids are using

4 • Think about the shapes and marks that you feel represent your feeling, Eg is you’re cross, maybe more sharp edges, short lines, corners, or bigger marks to express the scale. If it’s calm, more wavy, circular motions and free flowing.

5 • Let the feeling out on the paper. The more raw and imperfect marks the better. It’s not about planning it ahead, or what it looks like at the end, but how you feel releasing it all out and expressing yourself. Make a few of the same marks in one colour, then add a few shapes in another, and repeat again until you feel like you’ve captured how you’re feeling.

6 • A lot of my favourite designs have been my quickest, most in the moment designs, as I’m feeling them. You don’t have to spend too long on it or worry about making it perfect.

7 • Label your feeling, write it on it in the corner, save it somewhere to remember it, or show your kids you’ve painted how you’re feeling, and ask them how they’re feeling, use it as a conversation opener. They might even want to try.

Or, if you’ve painted a bluesy feel and still feel really cross, screw it up, rip it and throw it away, use it as a chance to have painted your anger out and be rid of it, as a freeing process.

Send me your patterns to me if you’d like, I’d love to see what you’re making @mother_feels on Instagram. Or tag me + use #motherfeelsyou 👋 〰️

All about sharing those feels right now

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